Rumors of snow.

The big news around town is that it may snow sometime this week. Uck. Not quite ready for that season yet. I'd like another month of Autumn please. My sweaters are still packed away in the garage actually. Before the end of the week I'll probably be lugging them up to the apartment. Well to be honest I'll probably have been do the lugging.

Enough about the upcoming weather...and instead a few fun things I'm loving this fine day.

1. This song by Ingrid Michaelson. We saw her at the Basilica Block Party this summer and she puts on a great show. Which reminds me...I should upload some photos from that day.

2. This pretty flower brooch from prettyvisage @ etsy. I have an odd obsession with fabric flowers.

3. A lovely coffee blend given to me by a friend. I had some this morning and it was delicious. 

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