Sorry for my absence these last few days...busy days. I am currently eating some chocolate Malt O'Meal as my breakfast. It brings back memories of mom making it for me a kid. It's good stuff. The other day I was driving home from the school and I suddenly had a craving for it, so I swung by the grocery store to pick a box up. The snow came and went....now it's just wet everywhere. Oh and the wind....ugh. It's been ridiculously windy these last few days. Mix that with rain and it makes using an umbrella impossible. So I wrap my scarf around my head and walk/run wherever I go. (I know I could wear a hat but they are all still packed away). I am excited for this weekend because Ben and I are going to my family's cabin. It will involve taking the dock and lifts out, but there are also rumors of a turkey dinner cooked by mom....so I think it's well worth the work ;) Okay I need to finish my breakfast and run off to school.

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