Weekends always come when I need them the most. Especially this weekend. Having a short week in the classroom (only wed-fri) kind of throws the whole week into an odd funk. We also had state testing this week so the students are probably ready for the weekend too! Tomorrow is our "Fall Party" where we will be painting some pumpkins and doing other Autumn activities. Mix in a little sugar high and the kids will be bouncing off the walls I'm sure haha.

I want to bake something to bring to the cabin this weekend but I can't decide what. I will probably have to go to the grocery store...but I do have a big can of pumpkin just waiting to be used. Hmmmm.  What to make a pumpkin pie? or Pumpkin cheesecake? Or Pumpkin bread? We will have to see...

I am thinking maybe I will just bring the ingredients and then bake it at the cabin. Yes. Good plan.

(sorry I made you share in my baking thought process)



  1. haha, yea I didn't end up making one because you had it covered ;) sugar free of course.



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