Monday Monday

Hello hello!

So my procrastination has to be brief. I NEED to finish my math lesson for tomorrow... but first a quick update on my day. List style (inspired by Bekah)

1. going shopping with my sister here in a bit (hence the need to get my planning done)
2. I found HIGHLANDER GROGG at the grocery store. So pumped. I think I might brew some up right now...it smells too got to just let it stay in it's bag.
3. Extreme Home Makeover is only a few miles away.
4. I shrunk two pairs of dress pants in the dryer yesterday. Just great.
5. I got about 250 wedding photos printed.
6. I want to try a new recipe...something with all my over ripe bananas I think.

Okay....I need to go. Need to figure out how to teach Millions, Billions, and Trillions to my students. Any suggestions?

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