Weddings and Such.

Writing from Nisswa, and in town for the wedding of Julie and Clay (One of my old roommates, and one of Ben's old roommates actually). Ben is in the wedding so he is already off to the church for pictures. I however get to have a relaxing morning in the hotel. This will allow me to catch up on my blog as well as plan a few lessons for next week. It's nice to be out of the apartment where there are too many distractions. I also get to indulge in some television this weekend so I am enjoying the opportunity to watch TLC and the Food Network. Good stuff :)

Now for a list of things I am liking right now...

Inspiration: White Walls with splashes of color ( I am trying to embrace my white walls)

Shirt from Gap

Fun details

Pumpkin Spice Latte...actually anything pumpkin

Abraham Lincoln ( I am reading a biography on him I got from a thrift store )

Yes so there is my list :)
Happy Saturday!

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