Being Productive. On a Saturday. Ha

I need to get things accomplished today. Seriously folks.

So far I have slept in, drank coffee while talking with my hubby and my mother-in-law who is in town for the weekend, went out for a delicious lunch of pizza, whipped up some chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot for dinner, and wasted time looking at blogs. Have you noticed that planning lessons or doing homework has yet to show up on that list? That is where the problem lies. Ha...

So I am going to finish this BRIEF post, poor myself another cup of coffee, turn on some calming brain stimulating music and sit down to do some work.

The key is where I sit. If I sit on the couch my work is probably only 50% efficient. However if I sit at the kitchen table I am able to accomplish my work at a 95% efficiency rate. (the lack of that last 5% is due to my refilling my coffee cup or looking for a new song to listen to).

So to the table I go.

A photograph.....of my friend Ellie's ability to be highly efficient. Look at all those post-it notes! If they don't scream productivity (or at least an overuse of post-its) then I don't know what does!? haha. okay back to work.


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