Movie Marathon

These past few days I have watched more movie than I have for months. Now the list isn't very impressive when it comes to the titles, but with the help of free redbox rentals I was able to watch movies that I wasn't willing to part with $8 to see in theaters.

And the list is...

1. Wolfman (movie night with friends...the cover looks scarier than it was.)

2. The Last Song ( I read the book so I wanted to see the movie....Miley Cyrus ruined it for me)
3. The Lovely Bones (again I read the book...the movie was different than I had hoped but okay overall)

4. Julie & Julia (my favorite of this list. It made me want to cook wonderful things. I then proceeded to have cereal for dinner)

5. Babies (a documentary that was interesting and cute...I mean how could you not be entertained by cute babies?)

So yes, there is the list.....

I don't quite have time to watch any more movies this week so sadly this will be the end of my movie marathon. It was nice to catch up on a bit of movie culture.

Now, I'm off to bed

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE "Julie & Julia"! Try out the new recipe girl! We can bring some treats to Ty when we visit... well, when I visit... again.



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