5th Grade Reasoning

There is usually something that makes each day memorable when you spend it with 5th graders. The following picture is an example of these moments. During a Math assessment one student took a creative approach to the following question.

50 fifth graders responded to an exercise survey. 6 out of 10 said they exercise at least 39 minutes a day. Draw a model or picture to represent this.

So most answers looked like this...

One student however did not quite understand the question so ...

hahaha. I love how he drew people doing push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks. And they are drawn at different stages of the specific exercise.  Then it is odd because there are 7 people exercising, which makes me wonder where he got 7 from?! so my conclusion is that he decided to simply draw students exercising, and then write "30 min". Oh I love it. You have to admit the kid tried :)

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